Laser Circumcision

Goldman's laser circumcision is
highly satisfying
it minimizes tissue damage
can also see the effect
of enlarged penis.


Goldman's laser circumcision can be performed
under local anesthesia and can be completed within 15-20 minutes.
There is minimum pain and the procedure is done as day surgery.
Patients are back to home with tablet pain-killers and antibiotics for 1-2 days only.

  • Laser Circumcision. step01

    Step01.Marking on the skin after
    giving a local anesthesia

  • Laser Circumcision. step02

    Step02.Peeling off the skin as thin as
    possible with the Sleeve method

  • Laser Circumcision. step03

    Step03.Removing excess skin

  • Laser Circumcision. step04

    Step04.Rolling and fixing the skin and
    fascia layer towards the glans

  • Laser Circumcision. step05

    Step05.Closely suturing with
    absorbable stitches

  • Laser Circumcision. step05

    Step06.Fully recovered result without
    removing stitches

Advantages of Goldman Glans Enlargement Surgery

  • no need for the re-treatment
  • Possible any design
  • Done neurectomy and augmentation at the same time
  • Possible augmentation effect by the circumcision alone
  • Flights After Surgery
  • Shower After Surgery
    7 days
  • Sex After Surgery
    3~4 weeks
  • Return After Surgery