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The Goldman urology clinic has grown and evolved to accommodate the diverse needs of
urological diseases since open its door to the communities in 2002.
With almost two decades of tradition, excellence and quality in providing medical care in a comfortable
and convenient environment, more than one million clinical cases were accumulated.

We accomplished worldwide academical presentations and surgical demonstrations at urocuff.
We focus on offering a wide range of consistent high quality and acclaimed up-to-date medical services
that allow us to improve the health of the communities we serve with compassion
and sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families for

"Good morning and Good night".
Visit the Goldman urology clinic.
We go forward all over the world.

Internationally Recognized
Medical Staff13 Doctors, 5 Branches

Goldman's Doctors
  • 2nd consecutive Academic Award title, Association of Korean Urologist
  • Surgical Demonstration, invitation of Urolift. Co
  • The first representation paper about urethral condyloma in Korea
  • Knowhow announcement, penile corpus cavernosum injection
  • 2018 the best 100's Korean surgeon
  • 2017 Selected Best Clinics By Health Chosun
  • 2015 The Consumer report., the best Brand Award
  • 2013 The Consumer report., the best Brand Award

Leading in Advance

Goldman has clinical data on over 1 million cases of urinary diseases in over 20 years.
Based on this, we selected and analyzed urinary diseases
that should be noted for men's lives from 20 to 80 years of age,
and devised the 2080 Men's Health Care System.
You can lead a healthier life by knowing in advance
how to treat urinary diseases according to age, and responding properly.

GOLDMAN 2080 Men's Health Care System

Prostatitis, Premature ejaculation,
Sexually transmitted diseases, Infertility,
Varicose veins, Erectile dysfunction,
Genital dwarfism, Irritable bladder,
Urination disorder, Prostate cancer,
Bladder cancer, Andropause, Hematuria

Aim for the Best

Goldman aims to be the best to do the best for the health of patients.
That is why medical staff consisting of only urologists improves
the quality of treatment by examining and operating with the best equipment.

  • It's Advanced : 1. Medical
    The most influence Korean urologists
    Millions of urological cases
    Outstanding academical representations in Korea
    World-wide clinical demonstrations
  • It's Advanced : 2. Screening
    The founder of sexually transmitted disease polymerase chain (PCR) reaction in Korea
    More than 400,000 PCR cases reported
    Dkillful caudal anesthesia for painless cystoscopy
    Advanced equipment for accuracy
  • It's Advanced : 3. Treatment
    Grounded precise treatment
    Concerning safety, all the way
    No obsolete technology
    Statistically proven cure rate
  • It's Advanced : 4. Service
    Secured protection with private electronic chart system
    The first coordinator at urology clinics in Korea
    From diagnosis to treatment in a day
    Pleasant and safe stay for all

to be Together

Every time stories are told to patients
that they couldn't tell anyone or painful
stories, Goldman's medical staffs decide
to be a patient's strong friend.
Therefore, Goldman is not satisfied
with simply alleviating symptoms,
and is committed to improving
the patient's quality of life.
In addition, patients,
as well as doctors and staff,
are always working to make happy gold.